If Woocoon were a personality
It would be a woman with a secret -- femininely sensitive, sensual, an artist of her life who is self-sufficient, resting in herself.
She loves delicate things, tactile touch. She is kinesthetic.
Her outfit is in the background of her personality. It is neither a mask, nor a form of expression of her soul, it is rather her second skin.
She expresses herself as an individual with a secret that can be sensed by touching, immersing in her inner world. Inconspicuosly, very delicately, as delicate is the soul of the woman.
Her outfit begins with natural material. Texture. The most intimate interaction -- a touch that creates a sensation.
She selects natural, soft colours to bring out her face, eyes, personality. The black in various nuances brings her back to her internal strength, to focusing.
She wears dresses and she likes to play with layers and details of clothes making herself anew every day by being creative, pleased with herself, her femininity and sensuality.
What it tells the world
It is a story about natural, distinctive beauty and courage to be herself, keeping the balance between her inner and outer world.
It is a story about the beauty that is found in simplicity, non-perfection of the nature, in each thing and moment that is experienced councioussly and in harmony with the flow of being.
No more pressure from the outside – neither the status, nor social roles. Neither belonging to a certain ethnic group, nor a need to be liked by someone.
To be the artist of her life – breathing free and playfully from the joy of self-realization because the process is the key.
Every garment is created with inspiration and energy of human touch by soaking, coloring, soaping, rubbing, tousling, rinsing and finally drying in the wind...
What are our values?
Being present to the moment. Love oneself, nature, people, at the same time not forgetting about what we leave behind.
More is less type of thinking. Minimalism, gratefullness for all that is, creative approach to things recreating them, repairing them.
We don’t support consumer culture that only consumes, appropriates selfishly, invades, fights, abuses, not delves deeper into the matter, is superficial, insatiably wanting for more and more.
As far is slow food from fast food as far stands slow fashion from fast fashion. While the first goes for fast consuming (buy, use and throw out to feed greedy businesses), another is for extended enjoyment with a pleasant aftertaste focusing on a human being, the creative process and nature.
How Woocoon began?
Wool met silk (wool + cocoon)
He – light-minded, uncontrollable and sensual, turning with every wind...
She – warm, gentle and encompassing, pleasant to the touch...
The day they both met someting unusual and fresh came into being...
They weaved together and became one whilst keeping themselves and their excellent qualities...
She fulfilled him with her warm tenderness. He breathed a new life into her and expanded her world. He became more flexible and substantial. She became more independent and transparent.
Silk and wool...